About 1UP Sports

1UP Sports Performance is a goal-oriented athletic development center that helps competitive athletes perform at the highest level through mental, physical and visual training techniques that achieve proven results.

Athletes that train at  1UP Sports Performance see measurable increases in their speed, quickness, mental toughness and competitiveness, which will take their game to the NEXT LEVEL in their athletic performance and advance their athletic career.

Owner Tim and Lisa’s Story:
We have 4 athletes and when we were looking around for a Speed Coach to train our kids we realized how few trainers in Austin had their CSCS certification, which is the highest Sports Performance certification you can get, offered by National Strength & Conditioning Association. A degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science is required to get the CSCS and is the most important requirement when training your athlete, especially when it comes to injury prevention. Just because a trainer was a Pro-Football player does not mean they have any business training athletes unless they have this certification. So we decided to build a gym and only employ CSCS certified trainers. Both of our boys got scholarships to play football in College, and one is now playing professional ball. Both of our girls played Volleyball and Soccer and played competitively and traveled all over the US in High School as well. It’s been a great journey and we enjoy helping athletes take their game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Adult Training – 1UP also offers privates, semi-privates and small group fitness classes each day. Our adult programs offers different workouts every day and are designed to fit any lifestyle and ability level.

Personal Training– Designed for any adult who wants a tailored program that is less demanding/more demanding that is specially tailored to fit the goals for that client.