About 1UP Sports

1UP Sports Performance is a goal-oriented athletic development center that helps competitive athletes perform at the highest level through mental, physical and visual training techniques that achieve proven results.

Athletes that train at the 1UP Sports Performance see measurable increases in their speed, quickness, mental toughness and competitiveness, which will take their game to the NEXT LEVEL in their athletic performance and advance their athletic career.

Adult Training – We offer 5 semi-private adult fitness classes each day. Our adult programs incorporate the Super 6 into each workout and our designed to fit any lifestyle and ability level.

Movement Prep – an active warm-up routine that replaces traditional pre-exercise stretching

1. PreHab – a proactive approach to protecting yourself from injury
2. Physioball Routine – a series of exercises to improve hip, core and shoulder strength & stability
3. Elasticity – a unit to help the body generate force and make it springy, much like a pogo stick
4. Strength – Variety of training based on body movements for increased power, stability & mobility
5. Energy System Development (ESD) – a departure from traditional cardio work, creating powerful
bursts of energy
6. Regeneration – a series of low-intensity activities designed to enhance recovery

Personal Training– Designed for the serious fitness enthusiast or “weekend warrior” who wants a tailored program that is less demanding/more demanding and able to be completed in a designated time that is better for the client.