1UP Sports Philosophy

Employing cutting edge, scientifically proven training methodology and techniques 1 UP Sports Performance helps athletes of all ages, skill levels and sports take their game to the NEXT LEVEL.

1UP Sports Performance’s progressive combination of movement, strength, balance, vision and mental training equips athletes with the tools they need to become their best and get to the NEXT LEVEL – on and off the field or court. 1UP Sports also offers multiple Adult classes throughout the day that are led by a highly certified trainer. Personal Training for Adults and Athletes is available.

1.) Balance training, provides the foundation for athleticism.  Balance training unifies the body with strong neuromuscular connections, allowing the body to work as the brain commands.  By improving balance, athletes move their Center of Gravity further and further away from their base of support, creating strong angles for better speed and agility.

2.) 1UP focuses not only on physical balance, but on athletes’ Emotional balance as well.  Emotional balance enables athletes to have confidence in what their body can do.  That same confidence directly translates into real life for each and every athlete. Training leads to escalated Emotional Balance.

3.) 1UP Sports Performance focuses on movement training to improve athletes’ Multi-directional Speed.  While many focus on drills that improve speed alone, 1UP focuses on skills that improve Speed and Deceleration.  Because movement in sport is so chaotic, athletes must be able to read and react quickly to the changing environment.  Often overlooked in training, deceleration drills prepare athletes’ muscles to deal with the quick lengthening that occurs during stopping and changes of direction.  Deceleration drills not only make athletes able to load their bodies correctly, but also help prevent non-contact knee and ankle injuries.

The 1UP Sports Performance multi-directional speed training uses:

  • Movement patterns,
  • Fast-firing, resisted,
  • Over-speed,
  • Low and high plyometrics,
  • Small space agility, and
  • Full kinetic chain methods to take athletes to the NEXT LEVEL.

4.) 1UP Sports Performance focuses on Strength Training to increase the power athletes  express on the field or court.  While 1UP Sports creates and conditions athletes with muscle and lean mass gain, our focus is also on creating functional athletes that move with strength.  1UP Sports has developed programs that help athletes gain strength through all three planes of motion used in athletics.  Exercises get athletes firing all muscles sequentially – from the legs, through the core, and expressed through the hands.

5.) 1UP Sports does not believe in building muscles and strength through single joint, isolated exercise – we believe in Functional Movement!  Strength and power will increase through traditional exercises like Olympic and Power Lifts, as well as through non-traditional full body, multi-joint, multi-plane strength and power exercises.

1UP Sports coaches push athletes to get the most out of themselves each workout. In turn, our athletes dig deep and not only get to a higher level physically, but mentally as well.

So, if you’re ready to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL, come train with us. We’ll get you there.

1 UP Sports Performance also offers Combine360 Certification Courses, Combine360 evaluation events, NFL Combine prep courses, college recruiting classes and guidance, elite athlete training, private training, group training, and adult fitness classes.