Adult Fitness Classes/Personal Training

Adult Fitness Training

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1UP Sports Performance offers Adult Fitness classes that incorporate the Super 7 into each workout and are designed to fit any lifestyle and ability level. Multiple classes are offered daily such as Strength/Weights, Full Body Circuit Training, Cardio/Core & Coop 45 Men Over 40 Class! Each class is different from the other!  1UP also offers weight loss and nutritional programs, proven to lose weight, that partner with our daily workouts. Choose the training that’s right for you…group sessions, semi-private sessions, private 1 on1 sessions, or a combination.

Cost: $15/session or Unlimited Training- $150/month

1. PreHab- a proactive approach to protecting yourself from injury.

2. Physioball Routine- a series of exercises to improve hip, core and shoulder strength and stability.

3. Elasticity- A unit to help the body generate force and make it springy, much like a pogo stick.

4. Strength- Weights and resistance training based on body movements for increased power, stability and mobility.

5. Energy System Development (ESD)- a departure from traditional cardio work, creating powerful bursts of energy

6. Regeneration- a series of low-intensity activities designed to enhance recovery


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Coop 45

If you’re a male over 40 and want to get back in shape, Coach Greg Cooper will help get you there! Come in for a free trial!

Cost: $100/month

Tues/Thurs  6:45am-7:45am or 5:30pm-6:30pm

Saturday 7:45am-8:45am